damn...its been a while

ok...the illuminati accusations of kanye's power portrait are starting to bug me.. because its making it really clear that people fear what they dont understand. if you knew anything about greek mythology u would understand this shit alot more. in this portrait ye is supposed to be dionysius. the greek god of wine, intoxication and sex. the women with the horns (u know the ones everyone keeps sayin look satanic)are known as maenads who were the female followers of dionysius heir name literally translates as "raving ones" aka groupies Often the maenads were portrayed as inspired by him into a state of ecstatic frenzy. the sword hanging over kanye's head is known as the sword of damocles. Damocles literally translates to "Fame of the people" in greek mythology damocles idolized Dionysius and one day they switched places so that Damocles could experience the lavish life style of dionysius a banquet was held Damocles waited upon like a king at the end of the meal he look up and notice a sharpened sword hanging above his head by a single horse hair Immediately, he lost all taste for the foods and beautiful companions and asked to switch back saying he no longer wanted to be so fortunate in other words a warning to the people that envy his life style...u fear the fame of the people who judge ur actions then you see the nymphs very sexual and very dangerous females who are engaging in acts with the other women...but who were also known to be dangerous (hence the ones with the daggers coming for ye/dionysius) and then the two men with the swords coming for kanye who are dressed differently signifying that they dont come from the same world as dionysius (kanye) and wish to over throw him in his power. and i forgot to mention the necklace kanye has on is the egyptian god of the sky and war known as horus he was the most powerful of egyptian gods...thus further skymbolizing kanyes power and his possible loss of power...due to the fame of the people