Beanie dissin Jay?

Now we all know B Seig and jay usually a nice duo on a track so who would've thought seigel would b dissin hov? Well courtesy of fabolous on twitter here's beanie seigels diss track at Jay http://usershare.net/YouHeardThatNew/vemxsrwa750h

dead wrong (basically just random freestyle)

This shit is just rediculous/ nobody ever seems to get the shit/ comin out of my mouth and I doubt/ if I rerout it you'll b proud of me/ I've gallons of creativity pourin out me/ now I'll b 4 circles that's audi (outty) G/ outta he-r-e I got business to attend to/ cuz it seems ima fiend when I grab a pen or pencil/ write rhymes that leave me lookin mental/ rappin bout...removin ya dentals so feds can't pretend to/ kno....who you are...or pinpoint where bullets when thru/ cuz hollow points mean there won't b exit wounds/ shatter on impact and never exit you/ yes its true so the blood spatter analyst / won't b sure how to handle this/ and the checks in the mail for the damages/ dammit its hard not to go hard on this beat but I'm not a killa/ my gurellla warfare is more magilla/ or maybe grape ape...I go about as hard as the bape ape/ and its funny I'm sittin here clownin myself/ y waste time dissin niggas drownin in wealth/ cuz I could picture waka drownin his self/ and it wouldn't bother me/ but I'm more concerned with the man that my father be/ obviously...we got off one the wrong foot/ wrote a bad first chapter for a long book/ now if u niggas start to lose intrest/ my condolences I'm just ventin/ cuz its so many niggas tryna punch behind my punchlines/ that wouldn't last a minute on the frontlines/ want mine but don't really give up time/ to run behind...nd take note to where I'm slackin at/ so its niggas like u I sit back and I'm laughin at/ after that epiphiany if its me/ that you pissed to see glistenin or tickling ears on the easy listening/ get wit me quickly cuz my swagger is simply free/ if you get lucky like stucky and. My billups begins to trickling/ you can take my place as I trade to a better team/ but a prodigy probably. Never be best as me/ and it seems that I'm comin to close/ so I pray for good health and money to blow/


I'm awesome



More art


Earlly Mac

So I'm on twitter today and wat does earl mac (finally famous...u may know him from the big sean song hollywood and mr incredible) send me but a download link for somethin new from him so here it is check it out http://www.zshare.net/audio/67065105fb804ece/


My nigga treezen

Hot shit from my boy tree check out his new video in my younger days...real heavy detroit reppin in this video I love it and dudes lyrics r pretty nice. So...check it out



Another random drawing

so umm...just a few things

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
so im not sure how many of you heard snoop new single world of a gangta download it here...i actually aint even listened myself yet...this is curtosy of my favorite blog 2dopeboys.com

snoop: http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/s7pme0jlyb7z

and check out wanyes interview wit tim west wood


thats about all for now...bitch nigga tez aint post nothin yet so im still the only author on the blog...but shit will be a lil smoother once i get my macbook pro

i just applied for online classes at full sale university for my bachelors degree in graphic design so hopefully ima learn some shit and hook my blog the fuck up and get yall readin a lil more....thats about all i gotta say for today...be easy


Bipolar love

Up and down like a light switch
"Hi my names...wait do you wanna fight bitch"
Hold on...I think I kno somethin like this
Kinda reminds me of me and my miss
We got b-i-p-o-l-a-r
L-o-v-e yeah we are
A little bit crazy
But I'm diggin you baby
No matter how psycho u make me
I'm strapped in this roller coaster ready for the ride
Tryna keep it steady but shit its you and I
We like the thrill we hit a loop monthly
But each time I'm right back in line because you love me
We fight we break up
Kiss and make up
Couldn't pick a better hobby to take up
Than you and me
Cuz truthfully
People viewin me
From the outside just can't get thru to me
"danny you should just quit while u ahead"
Life without her? Shit rather b dead
I roll wit the punches cuz I love her dearly
And I'd never let another chick near me
The way she is
Wat I'm tryna get you to see is
Each time we take a trip to the depths of hell
The next stop is heaven and well...
The dark moments make the light ones brighter
And I kno there's no one like her

Bipolar love




Got bored....drew Kratos...k bye

busy busy busy

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit...
now dont ask me how i been busy wit a broken ankle and all...but i have and i realized holdin this blog down and postin regularly has been alot of work so i recruited some help so from here on out i wont be the only one u see postin on my blog but im on the same page with the people contributin to the blog..plus i figure more writers=more readers so to the new authors YALL BETTER ADVERTISE THIS FUCKIN BLOG lol lets go global and all that good shit.
umm...thats it for now check ya later