dead wrong (basically just random freestyle)

This shit is just rediculous/ nobody ever seems to get the shit/ comin out of my mouth and I doubt/ if I rerout it you'll b proud of me/ I've gallons of creativity pourin out me/ now I'll b 4 circles that's audi (outty) G/ outta he-r-e I got business to attend to/ cuz it seems ima fiend when I grab a pen or pencil/ write rhymes that leave me lookin mental/ rappin bout...removin ya dentals so feds can't pretend to/ kno....who you are...or pinpoint where bullets when thru/ cuz hollow points mean there won't b exit wounds/ shatter on impact and never exit you/ yes its true so the blood spatter analyst / won't b sure how to handle this/ and the checks in the mail for the damages/ dammit its hard not to go hard on this beat but I'm not a killa/ my gurellla warfare is more magilla/ or maybe grape ape...I go about as hard as the bape ape/ and its funny I'm sittin here clownin myself/ y waste time dissin niggas drownin in wealth/ cuz I could picture waka drownin his self/ and it wouldn't bother me/ but I'm more concerned with the man that my father be/ obviously...we got off one the wrong foot/ wrote a bad first chapter for a long book/ now if u niggas start to lose intrest/ my condolences I'm just ventin/ cuz its so many niggas tryna punch behind my punchlines/ that wouldn't last a minute on the frontlines/ want mine but don't really give up time/ to run behind...nd take note to where I'm slackin at/ so its niggas like u I sit back and I'm laughin at/ after that epiphiany if its me/ that you pissed to see glistenin or tickling ears on the easy listening/ get wit me quickly cuz my swagger is simply free/ if you get lucky like stucky and. My billups begins to trickling/ you can take my place as I trade to a better team/ but a prodigy probably. Never be best as me/ and it seems that I'm comin to close/ so I pray for good health and money to blow/

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