so umm...just a few things

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
so im not sure how many of you heard snoop new single world of a gangta download it here...i actually aint even listened myself yet...this is curtosy of my favorite blog 2dopeboys.com

snoop: http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/s7pme0jlyb7z

and check out wanyes interview wit tim west wood


thats about all for now...bitch nigga tez aint post nothin yet so im still the only author on the blog...but shit will be a lil smoother once i get my macbook pro

i just applied for online classes at full sale university for my bachelors degree in graphic design so hopefully ima learn some shit and hook my blog the fuck up and get yall readin a lil more....thats about all i gotta say for today...be easy

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