Bipolar love

Up and down like a light switch
"Hi my names...wait do you wanna fight bitch"
Hold on...I think I kno somethin like this
Kinda reminds me of me and my miss
We got b-i-p-o-l-a-r
L-o-v-e yeah we are
A little bit crazy
But I'm diggin you baby
No matter how psycho u make me
I'm strapped in this roller coaster ready for the ride
Tryna keep it steady but shit its you and I
We like the thrill we hit a loop monthly
But each time I'm right back in line because you love me
We fight we break up
Kiss and make up
Couldn't pick a better hobby to take up
Than you and me
Cuz truthfully
People viewin me
From the outside just can't get thru to me
"danny you should just quit while u ahead"
Life without her? Shit rather b dead
I roll wit the punches cuz I love her dearly
And I'd never let another chick near me
The way she is
Wat I'm tryna get you to see is
Each time we take a trip to the depths of hell
The next stop is heaven and well...
The dark moments make the light ones brighter
And I kno there's no one like her

Bipolar love


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