I think they call this um...venting

u ever notice how people go to a major event with cameras ready...not to catch the star at his or her finest...but to watch the star stumble flicker or die out? for some reason the smallest mistake can triumph over the greatest achievements...I've yet to understand why peoples minds work that way...you look at kanye grammy winning artist..lost his mom and kept her charity going...lot of great...but first thing people mention is the Taylor Swift incedent...or michael Jackson...the king of pop...one of the greatest artists of all time...but to this day jokes are made about his physical apperance or rumors of his personal life....y is it that mistakes speak so much louder in the human mind than greatness? A friend of mine gave a derilect a sandwhich from mcdonalds...and he threw it down because there was no cheese...even in a situation when u have absolutely nothing people can find fault in a kind gesture...overlook whatever it was you've done in the past...because u made a mistake...idk I was just sittin back reflecting on that...had to write it down...see if anyone else noticed the same thing...until next time___

The Better things in life are free

The root of all evil has planted its seed
I just hope I don't succumb to the greed
Cuz mama always told me that it doesn't grow on trees
So I'm workin double shifts so I can pluck a couple leaves
but am I doin it for me of the people on the outside?
Am I just tryna prove that I'm bout mine?
Nah I'm just tryna prove my pops wrong
Cuz I can do it solo like guitars in the rock songs
Hard headed nigga cuz I never wanna listen
But u gotta admit that I am all about my business
I want the good life and better dreams
but in the end I know it all won't better me
Cuz I know in my heart that I better be
A little more focused on the better things
Not the money and cars but the one above
And I need to spend more time with the ones I love
Cuz once my check is here and I spend it all?
All we really have is the women yall
My moms and my lady and there's always fam
Can't wait to start my owm make a little man
So I can teach him how to work hard like his father did
But never let him forget to father his
Cuz I know work will never get in the way of raising mine
which is y right now I gotta stay and grind
So I can put some scratch away for a wedding right
And in the future we can settle for the better things


the cycle

could be when u aint heard her
You hate her or u hurt her
At times you think of murder
But u know that aint the way
Eve shoulda never touched the fruit we wouldn't have to deal..
But he bruised her in the womb when he bruised him in the heal
So now against your will for bout 5 days out the month
Yall sit at home the bitch just moan..and yall can't even fuck
u spend yo bread on motrin then shortly after that
U givin her more money to cop some maxi pads
U can be too damn nice she'll think u up to something
And don't try no massages cuz nigga you aint fuckin
Just give the beast some chocolate and slowly walk away..
And it'll spit yo girl back up in 5-7 days

you love em or leave em...I love mine way too much to walk away...
but some of u niggas can't handle the pressure...when the cycle comes to play


I Am T-Pain: Freestyle 3

I Am T-Pain by Smule: Only on iPhone

Listen to my latest recording:

Freestyle 3

This track was created
I Am T-Pain
for the iPhone

Leaf Trombone: World Stage

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Drunken pumpkin hahahahaha

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leakin how they leakin how they leakin on me

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit i have here...a download link for Mr Wale Folarin's album which doesnt drop for another week...soo...GO GET IT NOW (but still support my mans wale and cop when it get in stores) so here it is attention deficit



One of my personal favorites Wiz Khalifa just dropped his new mixtape today its called burn after rolling u can download it at livemixtapes.com Wiz is definitely dope shit to listen to I been a fan ever since I heard superstar and extra credit (first two songs of his I heard) of course u kno I did a post on his collabo mixtape how fly wit curren$y which is still one of my favorite mixtapes of 09 well I'm about halfway thru B.A.R as I'm typing this and I'm definitely diggin this shit...if u aint listenin to Wiz yet u need to start. Yeeeea bitch lol


Beat it

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
so like check this out http://rapidshare.com/files/301065373/My_First_Song.WAV.html
its a beat i just made last night...was up til 4 am workin on it...youll never guess where i made it...on my psp...tell me what u think k bye


Beanie dissin Jay?

Now we all know B Seig and jay usually a nice duo on a track so who would've thought seigel would b dissin hov? Well courtesy of fabolous on twitter here's beanie seigels diss track at Jay http://usershare.net/YouHeardThatNew/vemxsrwa750h

dead wrong (basically just random freestyle)

This shit is just rediculous/ nobody ever seems to get the shit/ comin out of my mouth and I doubt/ if I rerout it you'll b proud of me/ I've gallons of creativity pourin out me/ now I'll b 4 circles that's audi (outty) G/ outta he-r-e I got business to attend to/ cuz it seems ima fiend when I grab a pen or pencil/ write rhymes that leave me lookin mental/ rappin bout...removin ya dentals so feds can't pretend to/ kno....who you are...or pinpoint where bullets when thru/ cuz hollow points mean there won't b exit wounds/ shatter on impact and never exit you/ yes its true so the blood spatter analyst / won't b sure how to handle this/ and the checks in the mail for the damages/ dammit its hard not to go hard on this beat but I'm not a killa/ my gurellla warfare is more magilla/ or maybe grape ape...I go about as hard as the bape ape/ and its funny I'm sittin here clownin myself/ y waste time dissin niggas drownin in wealth/ cuz I could picture waka drownin his self/ and it wouldn't bother me/ but I'm more concerned with the man that my father be/ obviously...we got off one the wrong foot/ wrote a bad first chapter for a long book/ now if u niggas start to lose intrest/ my condolences I'm just ventin/ cuz its so many niggas tryna punch behind my punchlines/ that wouldn't last a minute on the frontlines/ want mine but don't really give up time/ to run behind...nd take note to where I'm slackin at/ so its niggas like u I sit back and I'm laughin at/ after that epiphiany if its me/ that you pissed to see glistenin or tickling ears on the easy listening/ get wit me quickly cuz my swagger is simply free/ if you get lucky like stucky and. My billups begins to trickling/ you can take my place as I trade to a better team/ but a prodigy probably. Never be best as me/ and it seems that I'm comin to close/ so I pray for good health and money to blow/


I'm awesome



More art


Earlly Mac

So I'm on twitter today and wat does earl mac (finally famous...u may know him from the big sean song hollywood and mr incredible) send me but a download link for somethin new from him so here it is check it out http://www.zshare.net/audio/67065105fb804ece/


My nigga treezen

Hot shit from my boy tree check out his new video in my younger days...real heavy detroit reppin in this video I love it and dudes lyrics r pretty nice. So...check it out



Another random drawing

so umm...just a few things

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
so im not sure how many of you heard snoop new single world of a gangta download it here...i actually aint even listened myself yet...this is curtosy of my favorite blog 2dopeboys.com

snoop: http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/s7pme0jlyb7z

and check out wanyes interview wit tim west wood


thats about all for now...bitch nigga tez aint post nothin yet so im still the only author on the blog...but shit will be a lil smoother once i get my macbook pro

i just applied for online classes at full sale university for my bachelors degree in graphic design so hopefully ima learn some shit and hook my blog the fuck up and get yall readin a lil more....thats about all i gotta say for today...be easy


Bipolar love

Up and down like a light switch
"Hi my names...wait do you wanna fight bitch"
Hold on...I think I kno somethin like this
Kinda reminds me of me and my miss
We got b-i-p-o-l-a-r
L-o-v-e yeah we are
A little bit crazy
But I'm diggin you baby
No matter how psycho u make me
I'm strapped in this roller coaster ready for the ride
Tryna keep it steady but shit its you and I
We like the thrill we hit a loop monthly
But each time I'm right back in line because you love me
We fight we break up
Kiss and make up
Couldn't pick a better hobby to take up
Than you and me
Cuz truthfully
People viewin me
From the outside just can't get thru to me
"danny you should just quit while u ahead"
Life without her? Shit rather b dead
I roll wit the punches cuz I love her dearly
And I'd never let another chick near me
The way she is
Wat I'm tryna get you to see is
Each time we take a trip to the depths of hell
The next stop is heaven and well...
The dark moments make the light ones brighter
And I kno there's no one like her

Bipolar love




Got bored....drew Kratos...k bye

busy busy busy

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit...
now dont ask me how i been busy wit a broken ankle and all...but i have and i realized holdin this blog down and postin regularly has been alot of work so i recruited some help so from here on out i wont be the only one u see postin on my blog but im on the same page with the people contributin to the blog..plus i figure more writers=more readers so to the new authors YALL BETTER ADVERTISE THIS FUCKIN BLOG lol lets go global and all that good shit.
umm...thats it for now check ya later


Muzix Monday

Well....I was supposed to do a piece on my niggas at Royal flush but due to group complications that isn't the case so instead...u guys kno who Cory Gunz is? Well he just recently dropped a new mixtape after fallin off the radar for awhile if you go to livemixtapes.com you can download hia new mixtape heir to the throne. Cory is better (personal opinion) when he raps fast he sounds more comfortable and confident with what he says that way. My personal favorite is let's move...guess that song is just more of my style. Check cory out if you haven't already its not the best mixtape but a handful of tracks are worth listening to...and production seems a little lackluster but then again its just a mixtape...the final verdict: 6/10 check it out u might like it you might not...peace


Just some thin random

Sittin here lookin at the notches on this white belt
Fish in the sea tell me keep swimmin like mike phelps
But I aint for that like republicans and gay marriage
We could b tight...so my hearts on my sleeve and I can't wear it?
I can't bear it no ursa major
Love doctor wit a coach purse no pager
"Ima get who shot ya" Baby it was cupid tho
Didn't think that arrow would leave me lookin estupido
My niggas tellin me yu should kno...it was bound ta happen
I'm lookin at em like mothafucka I'd found my happy
Ness/less whatever you wanna call it
Wonder if I had caught myself when I started fallin
Would I b right here where I'm at now?
Dunno but now its too late for a nigga to back down
Tryna get so far in before I'm too far gone
And gotta get back to life like that new jack song
We can b soul 2 soul and heart to heart too
I love to love you I'd hate to part to
Our separate ways I've never seen better days
I've imagined life without u I rather stay
Here where we are at the moment
And when the romance dies I will offer my condolence..



Muzix Monday

Its that time again guys I've decided muzix monday is gonna b a regular thing for my blog. Today I'd like u to check out my nigga Kory aka Treezen. If u frequent clutch cargos u might have seen him open up for Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean back in august. I went to school wit tree (class of 09!!!!) we used to rap in the back of class all the time back when his only real song was summertime lol but he's came a long way and he gon go far. Please please please support ya local artists check out his myspace (myspace.com/iamtreezen) and follow him on twitter (twitter.com/followtreezen) other than that I'm all tapped out for muzix monday cuz I'm still bumpin CuDi and BP3. I'm outty for now


Ok real quick

Everybody quick...if you haven't heard of them yet I need you to type Japanese Cartoon into your favorite search engine. There managed by one of my personal role models lupe fiasco. Lead singer, although he sounds just like lupe, is not lupe but some guy named percival flats or phats or sonethin lol I can't remember but the band is pretty cool. So far I've only heard there song heirplanes and its pretty good if yu like rock music like paramore or something similar you'll probably enjoy them...that's all for now.

Oh and get Raekwons only made for Cuban links 2...its classic wu tang shit...that is all


Muzix monday

September has been VERY nice to my headphones lol. Between the leak of KiD CuDi's Man On The Moon: End Of The day and the release of Jay-Z's blue print three I can't get enough. First the obvious...BP3 is worth your money Jay flows intelegently and as talented as usual wit A1 production thanks to mostly kanye. Features include KiD CuDi, J.Cole, Pharell, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats and more. Its no blueprint 1 but its worth the buy 8/10
Now for an album I've been highly anticipating since I first heard day-N-nite BEFORE it was played to death on the radio. KiD CuDi's Man on the moon is like nothing I have ever hear before....I can't even classify this as hip hop CuDi has created his own genre of music...the sound is different lyrics are catchy and he's still singin despite jays D.O.A. Common narrates the album as almost a movie of sorts...features include Kanye Ratatat Chip Tha Ripper and more. If you don't buy any other cd this hear buy Scott Mescudi's. The final verdict 12/10 for man on the moon


I gotta big ego!

THIS NIGGA KANYE IS A NUT! LMFAO this nigga comes on stage during Taylor swift's acceptance speech for video of the year at the VMAs...takes the mic and says beyonce had the best video this year lmfao. as soon as its on youtube it will be posted here...that shit is toooooo funny


So....hey guys...been a little while since I've posted...been kinda slippin....thing is....I gotta new skateboard the other day right? 40 minutes later I broke my ankle lmao. So I went to the hospital got surgery now my ankle is full of screws wit monster movie type stitches and shit (see picture) I'm tryna get a picture of the xray but the hospitals actin like a hoe....so I'm in a hoe ass splint until the stitches can come out and they put me in a real cast....I'm slowly losin my mind because all I can do is sit around the house and watch tv or play video games.....its EXTREMELY irritatin for someone who used to work everyday and shit....my nigga Chris stopped by the other day and kept my company...my girlfriend and her sister stopped by the night before....I really really really wanna get back on my fuckin feet....I kno I'm gainin weight just sittin around like this so when I start physical therapy ima start workin out too....well that's about all for today I aint really wrote nothin lately.....vicoden cloudin my thoughts....expect some new posts soon tho cuz I gotta do somethin to hold on to my sanity....peace



So...I was sittin here....thinkin bout how all the friends I had in high-school are slowly disappearing and I wrote this...enjoy:

Why does at seem as if....all of my achievements have a downfall of there own...
Seems I can't wait to start my own home....but life is so cold and alone
09 graduate thought it would never b....didn't think I'd b remembering who my friends would ever be...
Seems that we've all moved on unto better things...be it drugs be it work be it fame be it leather seats...
Speeding in this sports car called life...fast lane bank right no left turn 4 way stop....everyone u grew up with is disappearing...old friends drop...falling out...clearly...we weren't meant to keep...these friends we meet....well...outside of a Facebook status....cuz online we're all friends....every bitch is that baddest...they're all nikki minaj and we're all gonna be rappers....honest....but everyone's goin away to college...movin on with their life...tryna find jobs its....funny....we was "niggas fa life" I guess we missed that NFL draft....but honestly it aint all bad...this aint the end of me....guess I'm just discovering who my real friends will be


So...I'm at work...bored as fuck...like three niggas den called of so we bout to b busy as hell and it dawns on me....this is not where the fuck I wanna b in my life...I gotta ge the fuck outta McDonalds and quick as fuck I need a better job...actually I need a job somewhat closely related to music I really need to get the ball rollin on this shit...idk what the deal is with this internship I'm supposed to have at this recording studio but it look like bullshit....my nigga slim just did a show at the east coast west coast car show in northland (try and post that later today) so I might just need to get wit him even tho our styles a lil different idc long as I get shit up and goin on this music shir...and if u readin my blog please go to digg.com an type my blog in the search bar and digg it so I can get a little more public wit my blog thanx everyone deuces.....


So...majorly disappointed...shit didn't fall thru.

So...majorly disappointed...shit didn't fall thru...didn't get to do the studio today... I'm gonna have to wait til tuesday :(


The Drums

So...I was sittin here playin around with the mixer on GH and was wonderin...if maybe they could make a more advanced version of that where yu hook the drums up to your computer and shit so u could make yo own beats.....if that already exists lemme kno lol

For my dad

You aint gotta believe..yur oppinion doesn't matter to me

Cuz if I need ill be gone in a matter of weeks

Let my sneaks hit a sleek two step on the streets

It'll b sweet so if yu wanna u can tell me to leave

I chuck the duce like I'm wishin yu peace

But all ur bs I've repressed yur gonna receive

Ill have a recess and run where I please

Be it guns drugs sweet sex whatever I nEed

But ill just flow..til they're deepest under the c

Producin music u dodnt wanna c me concieve

So I had pure unadulterated basslines and drum kits

Rappin "swagger swaGger swagger I got dumb kicks"

Anything my peers can go dumb wit

Or flow intellectual...fuck all the dumb shit



How Fly

So...I'm still bumpin Wiz Khalifa and Curre$y mixtape....this shit is so fuckin dope!!! Production is real smooth...simple but not to basic...Wiz and Spitta bout brought they best on the tape...good real hip hop...no real head bussa tracks just smooth ass music u could roll one too (if yu smoke this is truly wEed music) I see Wiz doin huge things and I'm glad to c Curren$y makin a come back without standin in Wayne shadow...my fav tracks are probably planes and all over...if yu aint heard the tape please please pleade go download it now Its posted for download @ livemixtapes.com go get it....piece and chicken grease my niggas


So...I'm at work on break listenin to the how fly mixtape by Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa and thinkin...dreamin really.....tuesday is the start of my internship at the recording studio...I'm tryna learn all this shit so I can b my own producer...I think if I can tweak shit the way I wanna and produce my own tracks i'll feel my music was really MY music and I don't want my first work to be anything but my own ideas...Can't do this alone? Watch me try it anyway


This just a freestyle of mine to Jackie chain and Kid Cudi's song rollin...I haven't finished yet but umm..yeah

Rollin rollin rollin down the turnin lane burnin green
Sticky icky stankin shit *breath in* take a hit
Pass it to my nigga roach is burnin at our finger nails
We bout to get higher than yo favorite female singer wails
Thinkin well... If they catch me wit this L I lose my L's
Light it up and take a hit can c that I don't give a hell
Now we rollin rollin rollin up the windows
Cuz we like how it get foggy if we puffin up on indo
Indonesia need ya leave ya speakers shakin like a seizure
Chest heavin throat heated like we laced this shit wit ether
Either that or the blunts are getting fatter
But this can't b a factor...my dealer should pack more
Ask for cyph if u tryna live it big live it large
Different cribs different cars every city that we are
Are in and our women foreign
Got me a honduran yu tryna get urs in but we r-r-r-rollin
Verse 2:
Rollins gettin difficult my vision is gettin hazey
I look I see different ladies varied ages different races
Must be crazy cuz I'm in a racer where the seats r made fa 2
But I c more than me and you
I see creatures all the demons in my mind are comin for me for me for me
I smoke all that's in my reach cuz life is boring boring boring
Soaring higher near the summit bout to plummet to the bottom
Smokin hydro out a bong that we made from a water bottle
I don't know what's wrong here officer
Can't seem to stop coughin sir
What's that in the baggie? Oh that's nothin just some parsley...or
Maybe its oregano...well...we kno this much its an herb


The Beginning

Hello bonjour konichiwa hola and all that good shit....for those of you who dont kno my name is daniel aka CyphMuzix (follow me: www.twitter.com/cyphmuzix) i decided today that this blog will be the mark of my beginning...my promise to me to make a name for myself...to do more with this music than just sitting in my bedroom writing songs....i guess i made this decision because starting tuesday i will be working as an intern at a recording studio and i want to begin to do what i dream of doing with this music...ive finally decided to begin work on my mixtape....the title: Cant Do This Alone (thus the name of my blog) i decided on this title because i want my first mixtape to b a completely solo feat....im gonna do the production the promotion...all of that...and very few features if any...so wish me luck everyone...any tips suggestions or any of that feel free to voice them i am open to any critisism good or bad...i will post my work on here as much as possible along with other music related items or just shit i like that i want to put u all up on...signing off for now...wish me good luck