Just some thin random

Sittin here lookin at the notches on this white belt
Fish in the sea tell me keep swimmin like mike phelps
But I aint for that like republicans and gay marriage
We could b tight...so my hearts on my sleeve and I can't wear it?
I can't bear it no ursa major
Love doctor wit a coach purse no pager
"Ima get who shot ya" Baby it was cupid tho
Didn't think that arrow would leave me lookin estupido
My niggas tellin me yu should kno...it was bound ta happen
I'm lookin at em like mothafucka I'd found my happy
Ness/less whatever you wanna call it
Wonder if I had caught myself when I started fallin
Would I b right here where I'm at now?
Dunno but now its too late for a nigga to back down
Tryna get so far in before I'm too far gone
And gotta get back to life like that new jack song
We can b soul 2 soul and heart to heart too
I love to love you I'd hate to part to
Our separate ways I've never seen better days
I've imagined life without u I rather stay
Here where we are at the moment
And when the romance dies I will offer my condolence..



  1. This is really nice big head.
    Your very talented mister!

  2. thanx...my head not big! make sure you frequent the blog..AND TELL YA FRIENDS k thanx bye lol