dont make me do

hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
check out my nigga var's first single "dont make me do" share the link with ur friends and shit...help him and this blog get the exposure we need and deserve...that is all



damn wait a minute

im sittin here postin var shit and it dawned on me...I HAVENT EVEN PLUGGED MY OWN MUSIC YET!!! lol im currently working on my mixtape #CreativeEnhancement (title pending) check out my bandcamp here for the first two songs on the tape hate to call u bitch and 8-bit (8 bit produced by yours truly) 
be on the look out for that sometime in febuary :)


hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
as yall kno my blog has been an avid supporter of my nigga Var
in preparation for his debut ep Holy Smoke 3 the verbal assault rifle is dropping a series of songs...vitamin v...ur vital dosage of var (more after the jump)