hello bonjour konihciwa hola all that good shit
as yall kno my blog has been an avid supporter of my nigga Var
in preparation for his debut ep Holy Smoke 3 the verbal assault rifle is dropping a series of songs...vitamin v...ur vital dosage of var (more after the jump)
first up for the month of december will be Vitamin V: bottle of hurt he's gonna drop 2 songs a week until december is over (which will be available for download here i might add) followed by a january february march and april edition..be sure to stay posted here for further updates and check out var's music here

track listing:
1-Touch the Sky (Dec 3rd)
2-*I Dont Belong Here! (Dec 3rd)
3-Cruise Control (Dec 10th)
4-*Fade Away (Dec 10th)
5-Writing My Wrongz (Dec 17th)
6-Drowning in Sorrow (Dec 17th)
7-Still Here (Dec 24th)
8-Needa Breather (Dec 24th)
9-No Stringz (Dec 31st)
10-*American Dream (Dec 31st)

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