Muzix Monday

Well....I was supposed to do a piece on my niggas at Royal flush but due to group complications that isn't the case so instead...u guys kno who Cory Gunz is? Well he just recently dropped a new mixtape after fallin off the radar for awhile if you go to livemixtapes.com you can download hia new mixtape heir to the throne. Cory is better (personal opinion) when he raps fast he sounds more comfortable and confident with what he says that way. My personal favorite is let's move...guess that song is just more of my style. Check cory out if you haven't already its not the best mixtape but a handful of tracks are worth listening to...and production seems a little lackluster but then again its just a mixtape...the final verdict: 6/10 check it out u might like it you might not...peace


Just some thin random

Sittin here lookin at the notches on this white belt
Fish in the sea tell me keep swimmin like mike phelps
But I aint for that like republicans and gay marriage
We could b tight...so my hearts on my sleeve and I can't wear it?
I can't bear it no ursa major
Love doctor wit a coach purse no pager
"Ima get who shot ya" Baby it was cupid tho
Didn't think that arrow would leave me lookin estupido
My niggas tellin me yu should kno...it was bound ta happen
I'm lookin at em like mothafucka I'd found my happy
Ness/less whatever you wanna call it
Wonder if I had caught myself when I started fallin
Would I b right here where I'm at now?
Dunno but now its too late for a nigga to back down
Tryna get so far in before I'm too far gone
And gotta get back to life like that new jack song
We can b soul 2 soul and heart to heart too
I love to love you I'd hate to part to
Our separate ways I've never seen better days
I've imagined life without u I rather stay
Here where we are at the moment
And when the romance dies I will offer my condolence..



Muzix Monday

Its that time again guys I've decided muzix monday is gonna b a regular thing for my blog. Today I'd like u to check out my nigga Kory aka Treezen. If u frequent clutch cargos u might have seen him open up for Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean back in august. I went to school wit tree (class of 09!!!!) we used to rap in the back of class all the time back when his only real song was summertime lol but he's came a long way and he gon go far. Please please please support ya local artists check out his myspace (myspace.com/iamtreezen) and follow him on twitter (twitter.com/followtreezen) other than that I'm all tapped out for muzix monday cuz I'm still bumpin CuDi and BP3. I'm outty for now


Ok real quick

Everybody quick...if you haven't heard of them yet I need you to type Japanese Cartoon into your favorite search engine. There managed by one of my personal role models lupe fiasco. Lead singer, although he sounds just like lupe, is not lupe but some guy named percival flats or phats or sonethin lol I can't remember but the band is pretty cool. So far I've only heard there song heirplanes and its pretty good if yu like rock music like paramore or something similar you'll probably enjoy them...that's all for now.

Oh and get Raekwons only made for Cuban links 2...its classic wu tang shit...that is all


Muzix monday

September has been VERY nice to my headphones lol. Between the leak of KiD CuDi's Man On The Moon: End Of The day and the release of Jay-Z's blue print three I can't get enough. First the obvious...BP3 is worth your money Jay flows intelegently and as talented as usual wit A1 production thanks to mostly kanye. Features include KiD CuDi, J.Cole, Pharell, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats and more. Its no blueprint 1 but its worth the buy 8/10
Now for an album I've been highly anticipating since I first heard day-N-nite BEFORE it was played to death on the radio. KiD CuDi's Man on the moon is like nothing I have ever hear before....I can't even classify this as hip hop CuDi has created his own genre of music...the sound is different lyrics are catchy and he's still singin despite jays D.O.A. Common narrates the album as almost a movie of sorts...features include Kanye Ratatat Chip Tha Ripper and more. If you don't buy any other cd this hear buy Scott Mescudi's. The final verdict 12/10 for man on the moon


I gotta big ego!

THIS NIGGA KANYE IS A NUT! LMFAO this nigga comes on stage during Taylor swift's acceptance speech for video of the year at the VMAs...takes the mic and says beyonce had the best video this year lmfao. as soon as its on youtube it will be posted here...that shit is toooooo funny


So....hey guys...been a little while since I've posted...been kinda slippin....thing is....I gotta new skateboard the other day right? 40 minutes later I broke my ankle lmao. So I went to the hospital got surgery now my ankle is full of screws wit monster movie type stitches and shit (see picture) I'm tryna get a picture of the xray but the hospitals actin like a hoe....so I'm in a hoe ass splint until the stitches can come out and they put me in a real cast....I'm slowly losin my mind because all I can do is sit around the house and watch tv or play video games.....its EXTREMELY irritatin for someone who used to work everyday and shit....my nigga Chris stopped by the other day and kept my company...my girlfriend and her sister stopped by the night before....I really really really wanna get back on my fuckin feet....I kno I'm gainin weight just sittin around like this so when I start physical therapy ima start workin out too....well that's about all for today I aint really wrote nothin lately.....vicoden cloudin my thoughts....expect some new posts soon tho cuz I gotta do somethin to hold on to my sanity....peace



So...I was sittin here....thinkin bout how all the friends I had in high-school are slowly disappearing and I wrote this...enjoy:

Why does at seem as if....all of my achievements have a downfall of there own...
Seems I can't wait to start my own home....but life is so cold and alone
09 graduate thought it would never b....didn't think I'd b remembering who my friends would ever be...
Seems that we've all moved on unto better things...be it drugs be it work be it fame be it leather seats...
Speeding in this sports car called life...fast lane bank right no left turn 4 way stop....everyone u grew up with is disappearing...old friends drop...falling out...clearly...we weren't meant to keep...these friends we meet....well...outside of a Facebook status....cuz online we're all friends....every bitch is that baddest...they're all nikki minaj and we're all gonna be rappers....honest....but everyone's goin away to college...movin on with their life...tryna find jobs its....funny....we was "niggas fa life" I guess we missed that NFL draft....but honestly it aint all bad...this aint the end of me....guess I'm just discovering who my real friends will be