Muzix Monday

Its that time again guys I've decided muzix monday is gonna b a regular thing for my blog. Today I'd like u to check out my nigga Kory aka Treezen. If u frequent clutch cargos u might have seen him open up for Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean back in august. I went to school wit tree (class of 09!!!!) we used to rap in the back of class all the time back when his only real song was summertime lol but he's came a long way and he gon go far. Please please please support ya local artists check out his myspace (myspace.com/iamtreezen) and follow him on twitter (twitter.com/followtreezen) other than that I'm all tapped out for muzix monday cuz I'm still bumpin CuDi and BP3. I'm outty for now

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