So....hey guys...been a little while since I've posted...been kinda slippin....thing is....I gotta new skateboard the other day right? 40 minutes later I broke my ankle lmao. So I went to the hospital got surgery now my ankle is full of screws wit monster movie type stitches and shit (see picture) I'm tryna get a picture of the xray but the hospitals actin like a hoe....so I'm in a hoe ass splint until the stitches can come out and they put me in a real cast....I'm slowly losin my mind because all I can do is sit around the house and watch tv or play video games.....its EXTREMELY irritatin for someone who used to work everyday and shit....my nigga Chris stopped by the other day and kept my company...my girlfriend and her sister stopped by the night before....I really really really wanna get back on my fuckin feet....I kno I'm gainin weight just sittin around like this so when I start physical therapy ima start workin out too....well that's about all for today I aint really wrote nothin lately.....vicoden cloudin my thoughts....expect some new posts soon tho cuz I gotta do somethin to hold on to my sanity....peace

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