the cycle

could be when u aint heard her
You hate her or u hurt her
At times you think of murder
But u know that aint the way
Eve shoulda never touched the fruit we wouldn't have to deal..
But he bruised her in the womb when he bruised him in the heal
So now against your will for bout 5 days out the month
Yall sit at home the bitch just moan..and yall can't even fuck
u spend yo bread on motrin then shortly after that
U givin her more money to cop some maxi pads
U can be too damn nice she'll think u up to something
And don't try no massages cuz nigga you aint fuckin
Just give the beast some chocolate and slowly walk away..
And it'll spit yo girl back up in 5-7 days

you love em or leave em...I love mine way too much to walk away...
but some of u niggas can't handle the pressure...when the cycle comes to play

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