The Better things in life are free

The root of all evil has planted its seed
I just hope I don't succumb to the greed
Cuz mama always told me that it doesn't grow on trees
So I'm workin double shifts so I can pluck a couple leaves
but am I doin it for me of the people on the outside?
Am I just tryna prove that I'm bout mine?
Nah I'm just tryna prove my pops wrong
Cuz I can do it solo like guitars in the rock songs
Hard headed nigga cuz I never wanna listen
But u gotta admit that I am all about my business
I want the good life and better dreams
but in the end I know it all won't better me
Cuz I know in my heart that I better be
A little more focused on the better things
Not the money and cars but the one above
And I need to spend more time with the ones I love
Cuz once my check is here and I spend it all?
All we really have is the women yall
My moms and my lady and there's always fam
Can't wait to start my owm make a little man
So I can teach him how to work hard like his father did
But never let him forget to father his
Cuz I know work will never get in the way of raising mine
which is y right now I gotta stay and grind
So I can put some scratch away for a wedding right
And in the future we can settle for the better things

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