I think they call this um...venting

u ever notice how people go to a major event with cameras ready...not to catch the star at his or her finest...but to watch the star stumble flicker or die out? for some reason the smallest mistake can triumph over the greatest achievements...I've yet to understand why peoples minds work that way...you look at kanye grammy winning artist..lost his mom and kept her charity going...lot of great...but first thing people mention is the Taylor Swift incedent...or michael Jackson...the king of pop...one of the greatest artists of all time...but to this day jokes are made about his physical apperance or rumors of his personal life....y is it that mistakes speak so much louder in the human mind than greatness? A friend of mine gave a derilect a sandwhich from mcdonalds...and he threw it down because there was no cheese...even in a situation when u have absolutely nothing people can find fault in a kind gesture...overlook whatever it was you've done in the past...because u made a mistake...idk I was just sittin back reflecting on that...had to write it down...see if anyone else noticed the same thing...until next time___

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