The Beginning

Hello bonjour konichiwa hola and all that good shit....for those of you who dont kno my name is daniel aka CyphMuzix (follow me: www.twitter.com/cyphmuzix) i decided today that this blog will be the mark of my beginning...my promise to me to make a name for myself...to do more with this music than just sitting in my bedroom writing songs....i guess i made this decision because starting tuesday i will be working as an intern at a recording studio and i want to begin to do what i dream of doing with this music...ive finally decided to begin work on my mixtape....the title: Cant Do This Alone (thus the name of my blog) i decided on this title because i want my first mixtape to b a completely solo feat....im gonna do the production the promotion...all of that...and very few features if any...so wish me luck everyone...any tips suggestions or any of that feel free to voice them i am open to any critisism good or bad...i will post my work on here as much as possible along with other music related items or just shit i like that i want to put u all up on...signing off for now...wish me good luck

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