This just a freestyle of mine to Jackie chain and Kid Cudi's song rollin...I haven't finished yet but umm..yeah

Rollin rollin rollin down the turnin lane burnin green
Sticky icky stankin shit *breath in* take a hit
Pass it to my nigga roach is burnin at our finger nails
We bout to get higher than yo favorite female singer wails
Thinkin well... If they catch me wit this L I lose my L's
Light it up and take a hit can c that I don't give a hell
Now we rollin rollin rollin up the windows
Cuz we like how it get foggy if we puffin up on indo
Indonesia need ya leave ya speakers shakin like a seizure
Chest heavin throat heated like we laced this shit wit ether
Either that or the blunts are getting fatter
But this can't b a factor...my dealer should pack more
Ask for cyph if u tryna live it big live it large
Different cribs different cars every city that we are
Are in and our women foreign
Got me a honduran yu tryna get urs in but we r-r-r-rollin
Verse 2:
Rollins gettin difficult my vision is gettin hazey
I look I see different ladies varied ages different races
Must be crazy cuz I'm in a racer where the seats r made fa 2
But I c more than me and you
I see creatures all the demons in my mind are comin for me for me for me
I smoke all that's in my reach cuz life is boring boring boring
Soaring higher near the summit bout to plummet to the bottom
Smokin hydro out a bong that we made from a water bottle
I don't know what's wrong here officer
Can't seem to stop coughin sir
What's that in the baggie? Oh that's nothin just some parsley...or
Maybe its oregano...well...we kno this much its an herb


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