So...I'm at work...bored as fuck...like three niggas den called of so we bout to b busy as hell and it dawns on me....this is not where the fuck I wanna b in my life...I gotta ge the fuck outta McDonalds and quick as fuck I need a better job...actually I need a job somewhat closely related to music I really need to get the ball rollin on this shit...idk what the deal is with this internship I'm supposed to have at this recording studio but it look like bullshit....my nigga slim just did a show at the east coast west coast car show in northland (try and post that later today) so I might just need to get wit him even tho our styles a lil different idc long as I get shit up and goin on this music shir...and if u readin my blog please go to digg.com an type my blog in the search bar and digg it so I can get a little more public wit my blog thanx everyone deuces.....

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