Lookit what i got

ok so kinda pointless but not pointless at the same time  just got these dawg ass glow in th dark shoe strings...u mihgt be sittin there thinkin who the fuck sells glow in the dark shoe strings and why. well if u were lucky enough to get 1 out of 9000 air yeezy's they look hella dope with those (im one of the few thats about to be stupid and drop 850 on a pair off of eBay sooo i plan to put these to good use) but any way i got them from this pretty underground site karmaloop.com
check them out i promise you will love the shit they got from supras to crooks and castles and numerous brands you aint even heard of but some hella dope all unknowns aside...and another bonus if u use the rep code CYPHMUZIX you get 20% off of your first order and 10% off of any other after that curtosy of yo boy Cyphmuzix so help me out check out the site and make a couple of purchases
adios bitches

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