70 Virgins

70 Virgins for 69 thousands
68 tears 67 open mouths and
66 six is the number that we blaim
65 lives that we all could have saved
64 seconds til the clocks run out
63 dollars pull your pockets out
62 cents for a minute long call
61 seconds is a second too long
60 in a hour but its 59 left
car 58 for a jewlery store theft
On the corner of 57th and the very next block
55 injured from intentional thoughts
Plots against the masses for 54 men
Pray for dumb asses and pray for its end
53 preachers tell you 52 lies
51 pastors with 50 dollar ties
49 years of deception and deceit
It must be hopeless if we can't trust the priest
48 days at precinct 47
46 die but all dogs go to heaven?
its ten:45 and your bails been posted
44 hundred bank account toasted
43 hours at a dead end job
Makin seven.42 with a half ass boss
41 minutes til your shift gets done
40 dollars in gas for your truck to run
39 miles til the tanks gone dry
38's eleven...dealt u a snake eyes
37 36 35 34
Your runnin out of time bet you with you had more
33 32 31 caliber
30 shots 29 mad at the
Shooter but the loser at a loaded .28
Hope 27 angels plan to meet him at the gates
26 fates told you 25 times
But the buddist disagrees cuz you've got 24 lives
23 tries til you finally get it right
22 kilos when they stop you at the light
Track 21 sayin fuck the police
And your 20 years old so to say the very least
The cops r gonna beat...they gave you 19 lacerations
And they still dragged you in to the station
18 years old was the nigga in ya bunk
Told you 17 times that he aint no punk
Thuggin at 16 on a 15 dollar budget
14 inches on the benches but this nigga aint budgin
13 hail marys and 12 praise the lords
Open up your eyes your still sittin on the floor
11:10 9 guards come to ya cell
8 the prison food you aint feelin too well
The 7 deadly sins make you 6 to your stomach
but u knew it was what u really wanted
5 4 year olds with 3 little wishes
But there's only 2 left because 1's gone missing
And then there were none


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