I've been thinkin

So I just got off work and I'm sittin here thinkin to myself...I can't possibly be from this planet....what has gone wrong with people? They inconciderate...lazy...disrepectful...and complain waay too much...people I work with either A. Share their personal business with everyone...all the bad that's happening to them right now? They let EVERYONE know what it is going wrong why its happening and what they should do about it...and then the more people they tell the madder or sadder they get about it and it affects the way they work to the point where they handle everything without any self control. B. Complain about everything they have to do "why do I have to be here in this position when this person can do this and then I can do this" and then when they get stuck where they at anyway they either act as if they can't do the job right...or complain "I have a headache...its too cold over here...its too hot over there" until example A gets tired of subject B and puts them where they want to be. And then on top of that...the people who come in to pay us their meager dollars for us to slave away at their will...complain about everything! I mean...yes if we made it wrong bring it back I understand that but don't come in the store shouting cussing and being disrespectful...we want the same respect and gratitude u expect us to treat you with....just because we are paid to do this job and u give us your money doesn't mean we aren't people too.....that's my rant for the day...had to let it out someway or that anger builds up and gets dangerous lmao...that is all

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