I need to write

I need...to write..but it seams my inkpens run dry
and I've depleted my paper supply
I need to type? In a world where u can sit at home and have 500 friends
I need that like...I need a hole in my head the three friends I have are to much to deal with
I need the sight to see what I may have happened to overlook...while u call niggas soft like there over cooked...knowing they're aldente but u can't stand the feeling...so you tumble like the tallest of buildings
I need...the flight of these lucky birds that can reach the tallest hights...but if I were a bird I couldn't right...
And I need to write...cuz when the emotions have no where to go...I cut loose and let my pen flow
I need the night...the darkness that hides our flaws...and the new clothes hide our scars...the welts and bruised skin from the troubles of life...
I need night but I need the light...because we all stumble when the darkness is upon us...but the footlamp will guide or way down the unbeaten path...the road less travled...
I need the right...to say what it is I please be it on paper with ink or my lips..when I think..I've said to much...or shown much to be seen...that's when I change the scene
I need to wipe clean the slate of those before me that wrong me and cursed my name...for it weren't all in vain...that had purpose..desire to see me press forward...to my dreams as opposed to their mass production..
I need to bite down into my apple of life...enjoy the supple juices and the bruised skin...because there is no taste sweeter than that of living as opposed to those living a lie who live with the taste of sulfur upon there tongues
I need to write...well type...but my space has run out....I guess that just means...now you need to READ

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