Well.....thanx to these bitch ass pharmaceutical mothafuckin dumb ass surgeons my ankle is sore as fuck and I'm back to bein laid up and on crutches...I really hope for they sake they didmt fuck up and do somdthin wrong because if they did....they fuckin wit my money...u fux wit my money Ima fux wit yo money...I smell malpractice lmao. But seriously...so I guess now that I've been forced to slow life back down to a crawl (cuz I been workin my ass off) it won't hurt to show my blog a little more attention than I've been givin it lately...sooooo here I am twitterin and bloggin ustreamin and all that good shit lol...hope u all enjoy...and read away please its much appreciated when u come thru and read my blog but leave comments...and tell your friends...increase my site traffic please!!!

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